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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a request?

A request represents a message from a customer, and it includes Abot's response. For example, if a customer messages Abot and says, "Hi," Abot would reply in kind, and the cost for that entire interaction would be 10 cents. If a customer asks Abot to return a purchase, book a hotel, or perform some other action, each customer message delivered to Abot costs 10 cents to process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of credit cards using Stripe as our PCI-compliant payment processor. We bill at the end of the month based on your usage. If you're a medium or large enterprise with request volume greater than 5M per month, we also offer invoicing. To set up invoicing, please contact

Is Abot available on-prem?

We offer Abot on-prem with an annual contract for accounts that have a request volume greater than 50M per month. This enables Abot to comply with HIPAA regulations and gain SOC2 certification. To inquire about our on-prem offering and available industry certifications, please contact

What about NDAs?

All Abot engineers have signed NDAs with Abot, Inc. to keep proprietary customer information and PII that flows through Abot strictly confidential. We're also happy to sign mutual NDAs to further protect you or your customers' data for accounts with request volume larger than 2M per month on an annual contract. To inquire about Abot signing an NDA with your business, please contact

What are the system requirements?

Abot can be configured from any modern web browser, including the following:

Internet Explorer 10 and earlier are not supported at this time.

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