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Abot instantly replies to customers, answers questions and fulfills requests with a 15-minute setup.

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15-Minute Integration

Automate 15% of your request volume in 15 minutes or less with pre-built capabilities. Abot comes pre-trained and configured with best-practices, so you get value from Abot immediately.

Total Customization

Although configured with great defaults, Abot allows total customization. Verify customers, fulfill requests, enforce business rules, and collect feedback — all without programming.

Jump-Start Your Integration

Abot's pre-built actions help you integrate and deploy quickly, handling almost any tier-1 customer request. You can install and customize new actions in seconds, or you can build your own from scratch.

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Simple Steps

For each action you want Abot to perform, you'll lay out step-by-step instructions, just like a guide for any tier-1 service representative.

Abot's smart enough to identify singular vs plural, people's names, remember context, and extract information as the customer provides it--even if given out of order.

After all that, Abot will even fulfill the request itself.

Integrate With Your Help Desk

Abot integrates directly into your existing help desk. Just like any tier-1 representative, Abot sees new tickets come in, automatically replies if it's confident in its answers, and hands off any tickets to your existing representatives for which it hasn't been trained to handle.

Since Abot integrates with your help desk, it can automatically handle any text-based channel through which your company currently offers support, whether that's email, SMS, or something more varied like Amazon shopping reviews, eBay messages, Tweets, and Instagram comments.

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Verify Customers
Safeguard Customer Satisfaction
Offer Gift Wrapping During Holidays
Require Warranty For Repairs
And Many More Uses...

Enforce Business Policies

Customize Abot's behavior without writing a single line of code using our simple and powerful policy engine. Enforce custom rules and practices by building your own policies with our helpful documentation and support.

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Try Abot In 15 Minutes

See for yourself how Abot can transform your customer success, improving service while saving you up to 50% or more through world-class human automation.

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