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Improve customer satisfaction and dramatically lower costs in 15 minutes or less.

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Abot works great with:

Speed, Smarts, and Scale.

Get Started Quickly

In 15 minutes, Abot can automate 15% of your customer service requests. Easily increase containment rates to 50% or more with our simple, progressive integration.

Learns Your Business

We provide you tools and resources to train Abot about your business. Just like a great employee, Abot communicates with your customers in the voice of your brand.

Solves Complex Problems

Abot uses state-of-the-art machine learning to handle complex problems customers throw at it. Abot even remembers customers and integrates seamlessly with your existing CSR tools.

Meet your newest Agent.

Abot acts as a tier 1 service agent, replying to customers instantly, answering questions and fulfilling requests.

Watch as Abot books a hotel room for a new customer via SMS in seconds. Abot even remembers the user's preferences in future interactions.

While just one example, our state-of-the-art automation makes this possible to build for your industry in minutes—not months or years—without any programming required.

Available Everywhere

Abot integrates into your help desk or CRM with just a few clicks. From there, Abot behaves like a tier-1 support agent, replying to and closing tickets automatically. Since Abot integrates with your existing help desk, Abot supports all of your existing customer success channels, whether you offer support over email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, or even in the Google Play store. As a global platform, Abot also supports more than 100 languages.

Wherever your customers are, Abot can communicate with them.

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See for yourself how Abot can transform your customer success, improving service while saving you up to 50% or more through world-class human automation.

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